Innova Space announced that the MDQube SAT-1 Satellite prototype was housed in the Aventura I-e2, the second stage of the Tlon Space Launcher.
Tlon Space completed a new suborbital flight in Santa Fe, Argentina on Friday, June 11, 2021.
“We are proud of this historic milestone. For the first time, a picosat was launched in a vehicle, both designed and developed in Argentina,” highlighted Alejandro Cordero, CEO of Innova Space.
“The first NLV launcher with an active navigation system in Latin America represents a technological breakthrough for the region.
This launch system allows flexible, recurring and ecological space access that is essential to position the region in nanosatellite services. Access to outer space has been elusive to this region. The conquest of this resource is essential for economic expansion in the new millennium”, comments Pablo Vic, CEO and co-founder of Tlon Space.