Pablo Vic, CEO and co-founder of Tlon Space, participated in the panel “Access to Space: Adapting to Changing Environments” at the LATSAT 2023 conference.

The main concepts expressed during his presentation:

“The launcher market will split into two segments: volume and service. We understand that it is evolving towards a highly competitive offering in which operational costs will be decisive.”

“There is an emerging demand for nanosatellite constellations. The Aventura launcher is prepared to provide service for the construction of this type of constellation.”

“Tlon Space has been able to benefit from an existing technological ecosystem in Argentina that gives us roots and an environment that allows us to develop high-tech systems.”

The panel included Marcos Actis, President of VENG; Stella Guillen, Commercial Director of Isar Aerospace; and Raúl Verdú, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at PLD Space, moderated by Natalia Brito from Euroconsult.