AVENTURA I tackles the main pain points in the Smallsat Industry

Why keep dealing with these issues?

Technology keeps shrinking

Every year new smaller components are introduced, making satellite manufacturers add more complex applications into the same structure. In the past years smallsats were designed for research only, but now they support commercial applications.
Aventura I is specifically designed for smallsats.

No more ridesharing

Due to their small size smallsats are not economically significant for launchers so they have to share the same ride with big satelites. That prevents them to get to specific orbits but some approximation.
Thanks to it minimalist design and competitive price, AVENTURA I can run individual missions for smallsats.

High frequency for smallsats

Even with ridesharing, launches are not frequent enough, so manufacturers have to wait months to have their satellites in orbit.
Our production pipeline allows us to make frequent launches, synchronizing satellite development and launch cycles.

Ready for a constantly increasing demand

The demand of small satellite launches keeps increasing, even beyond analysts forecasts, pushing the up the prices for this segment.
Our goal is to enable access to all smallsats, providing a great service at affordable prices.

Private Research and
Communication Companies

We help all of them reaching orbit to fulfill their missions, to help expand human frontier, at prices never seen before.

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