Environment matters.

That is why we have decided to go for a recognized certification about this subject. We want to have a minimal carbon footprint, support local communities, and work with our supply chain partners in [...]

December 2020 Update

TLON Space closes year 2020 with the fullfilment of it's flight plans. Test launches on its subsystems to be used in orbital flights has been successful. These flights tested several systems, such as ground segment, [...]

Rise of the Cubesats

Humankind successfully sent its first artificial satellites into the Earth’s orbit in 1957, the USSR’s Sputnik. Since then, the world’s superpowers, led by their governments, launched thousands of satellites, competing in a race to explore space [...]

Aventura’s P-POD

The concept cubesat provides a defined standard size and weight for small satellites. Cubesat is the name given to a cube-shaped design of L::10cm, W:10cm and H:10cm   with a total weight limit of 1.3 kg. [...]

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