Rise of the Cubesats

Humankind successfully sent its first artificial satellites into the Earth’s orbit in 1957, the USSR’s Sputnik. Since then, the world’s superpowers, led by their governments, launched thousands of satellites, competing in a race to explore space [...]

Aventura’s P-POD

The concept cubesat provides a defined standard size and weight for small satellites. Cubesat is the name given to a cube-shaped design of L::10cm, W:10cm and H:10cm   with a total weight limit of 1.3 kg. [...]

Navigation System

TLON Space SA develops its own hardware and software for autonomous ground-to-orbit flight control. The launch vehicles have four main components: the structural system or fuselage, the payload system, the guidance system, and the propulsion [...]

Improvements in Communication

Argentina has a long journey in aerospace, has generated installed capacity to produce state-of-the-art space technologies and contributed to the training and retention of scientists, engineers, and technicians with high specialization. In addition, the budget [...]

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