Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, is a story written by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, was published in 1940.

Tlön is an imaginary world in which ideas flow over reality. At the beginning of the tale Borges describes physical objects that are brought into existence by the power of the imagination of its inhabitants.

The founders of our company decided to challenge what was thought impossible to achieve, that a small mass launched from Earth reaches orbit. It was a hard-worked task, they had a thousand and one difficulties, but they were overcome one by one.

The only way to do it, was to develop multiple programs which became an umbrella of eighteen tech nuclei. During fifteen years, these innovative programs, are now our workhorse to crack space access.

At Tlon, as in the story of the great writer, from our imagination we are willing to change reality. Welcome to our land, welcome to the Tlon universe.